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Frequent questions

How much do truck wraps cost?

You can usually bet a truck wrap to run from $800-$3,500 depending on the size of your vehicle and quality of vinyl.

How long do truck wraps usually take to complete?

A truck wrap usually takes around 2 days from start to finish, as long as the design is complete and the vinyl is printed and ready to apply.

How long do truck wraps usually last?

High quality vinyls like 3M are estimated to last 8 years. Lower quality vinyls will only last about 4.

Is a truck wrap a good investment?

If you run the kind of business that would interest a daily commuter then yes.

What Are Truck Wraps?

Truck wraps are made from thin sheets of printed vinyl graphics which are then applied over your existing vehicle. It is a great investment because your company vehicle may spend so much time on the road, that you can take advantage of the exposure opportunies.

Customers typically have to see your brand at a minimun of 5 times before they remember your brand. If you're driving down the same route every day then you will promote your company to the same drivers without spending any advertising dollars.

A successful truck wrap requires the expertise of a great graphics designer. Without one your vehicle can look like a bad newspaper ad and not really have the impact you were expecting. Always make sure to hire a skilled graphic designer.

The best vehicle for wrapping are vans and box trucks. They supply the most real estate and tend to take up much of a drivers view on the road. Trying to cram too much into a smaller vehicle isn't usually the best idea. Always make sure you wrap a larger vehicle if your planning on having a lot of content.

Truck wraps typically last up to 8 years before pealing, of course this depends on the quality of the vinyl. Typically 3M and Oracal premium wrapping vinyls apply and last the longest. Always ask your sign company which vinyls they plan to use. As they may offer a better deal, but will be using a lower end vinyl.

If you are looking for quotes or estimates on truck wraps just simply fill our our request form and we will have sign companies send you offers.

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