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Our Goal

To support small business owners in the pursuit of getting their business up and running affordably.

What Small Business Owners Have Said

“Starting my business was so expensive, it seemed like the bills never stopped coming in. Being able to save money on my storefront signs was very helpful because it allowed me to reduce my startup costs. Glad I came across this site.”

- Marcus C. owner at Brothers Barbers
Marcus C.

“When me and my husband began saving our money to open our salon we forgot to account for the cost of signage. Signtag helped us understand our budget and got us the best price without needing to price shop ourselves. Saved us a lot of time.”

- Kim W. co-owner at Kim's Beauty Salon
Kim W.

Frequent questions

What is Signtag?

We are an online marketplace for the signage industry, we help buyers connect with local sign companies and buy and sell signs.

Does Signtag make signs?

We do not make signs, our business is to get you the best offers on your project in one place. Sign companies in your area will make you the signs.

What does Signtag mean?

Think about a price tag for signs, we help buyers find prices on their signage needs.

What info do I need to get offers?

It's best to know all the details about your signs, plus have some photos of any install locations so the sign shops can get a good look at it.

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay with credit or debit card, on certain purchases you can even finance it and pay it off over a monthly period.

How do I save money by using Signtag?

Because you are posting your project in one place, allowing for competitive offers from sign shops who want your project. Competition always brings better deals.

Do you help in the process?

We do offer our assistance in making sure you have all the correct info for your project, we like to make sure our sign shops have quality leads.

How long do signs usually take to complete?

That is all based on the sign company you hired for your project. They would be the ones who will give you their timeline.