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What Are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are most commonly used at the entrances of residential neighborhoods, corporate offices, and schools. They provide an easily viewable directory for pedestrians and a landmark for locals.

A monument sign is a free standing sign, made from many materials including stone, brick, marble, concrete, and foam. They are positioned directly at entrances, and normally include a single logo and building number.

Due to the high cost of materials, there have been new options developed out of foam which resemble these materials. You can have a brick looking sign at a fraction of the cost of real brick.

A popular use of monument signs are for business parks, which also get referred to as pylon signs. These signs will have multiple business name over a single lightbox which allows pedestrians to know what businesses reside there.

Monument signs require professional installation and land use permits. They are typically installed onto a steel pipe sunk deep into the ground or bolted onto a concrete foundation. If electricity is requried then an electrical permit will be needed which shows the exact wattage and location of the underground lines.

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