Request: Wrap for a motorcycle

I just bought a 2005 Victory Hammer that I would like to do a full color change wrap. I want to do the front fender, headlight, gas tank, 2 side covers, seat cap, and rear fender at minimum. The first 2 pictures are my bike. The last picture is to note the 2 side covers (one on each side) and the back seat cover that aren't noticeable or shown on my bike.

I'm interested in a few different quotes.

1) boring blue, no other colors, just replace all the red with blue

2) fun design wrap - I'd would like to do something cool. I don't want flames (they're WAY overdone), and I want something that would look good with the curves of the bike. I'm open to ideas - ideally thinking blue and black color scheme, maybe with gray or white.

3) insane concept - is an aurora borealis night sky possible without looking like crap?

4) do you wrap rims? if so, I may want to do this as well to go along with rest of the wraps

5) do you wrap helmets? also a possibility I'd be looking at to match the wrap (2 helmets)

I would like this wrap to last as long as possible and protect the bike. Please quote with the appropriate vinyl type in mind.

Spare questions:

a) Have you wrapped motorcycles before?

b) Depending on your familiarity with motorcycles, what other parts could be wrapped as well (gauges, turn signals, etc).

c) Do you have designers on staff should I go with a fun design?

d) What is the least busy time of the year for your shop? I am not in a rush to do this, so I'd be happy to fit it into your schedule when you need work versus when you are slammed.

Thank you!

Location: Kenosha, WI, USA
Vehicle Type: Misc
Project type: Full wrap
Vehicle Year, Make, Model: 2005 Victory Hammer
Logo: No logo needed for this project
Need Installation?: Yes
Need Removal?: No, vehicle is clean
Design completed?: No, we will need a design
Black Blue Multi
Listing created Jul 20, 2021