Request: I need a sign for my salon

We moved into a salon and are replacing the outdoor sign, which has been removed. Currently, we have a temporary banner up. We are fine with routed lettering, 3D or a plaque and thinking around 3’x5’, but are open to suggestions. We are not entirely sure on material or color, would like input on what would look best. I believe this area is not zoned for electric signs. $2000 is the max but we are hoping to keep it considerably under that if possible. We have a logo made on Canva, not sure about it being vector, but it is pretty simple.

Location: 301 3rd Ave N, Edmonds, WA 98020, USA
Dimensions: Up to 3’x5’
Logo: Yes, but it is not vector
Need Installation?: Yes
Building condition: Building is not new
Permit required?: Unsure
Design completed?: Yes, but it is only a mockup and needs work
Needed by: Apr 15, 2021
Listing created Jan 16, 2021