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How it works

For Buyers

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When shopping on Signtag you're not browsing products from a single business, you're browsing products from hundreds a sign makers from across the country. This makes for a unique experience as everyone is different in their own unique crafts. You have sign shops from all around at your fingertips, and making deals with them a breeze.

Buying Signs

When you add a sign to your cart you will be able to let the sign maker know what your specific needs are. Once your details are finalized you will submit your payment and the seller will begin the production.

Browsing Offers

Some signs are too custom to have as a simple add to cart option, this means sellers need to provide their signs as an offer. What this does is allows you as a buyer to see what they are capable of and inquire about making one for you. The seller will then let you know what your sign will cost, and you can then decide whether to begin production.

Submitting Requests

What happens when you need something custom no one is offering? Easy just submit a sign request with all your specifications and budget. Sign shops will be able to read over your requirements and provide a fair proposal, you then get to choose your favorite seller and accept their offer. After you submit your payment the seller will approve the project and begin production.

Paying Sellers

When you purchase a sign or accept an offer you will be asked to make your payment via credit card. Your payment is secure using the Stripe payment gateway, your information is not stored with us or even given to the seller. Your payment is only sent over to Stripe who takes care of the transaction. Your payment is then held by Stripe and is only released once the seller has marked your project as shipped. This helps guarantee that you are fully satisfied before the seller receives your funds.

Reviewing Sellers

After your project is complete you can now offer kudos to your seller and help them gain more projects thanks to your kind words. This also helps us and other buyers to know which sellers are the top rated.

For Sellers

For more information see the Sellers Guides.

We recognize that good sign makers are dedicated to their craft. Unfortunately, getting exposure for your specialized services has always been a problem. Without a centralized marketplace, you're often reliant on google search results or buyers to pass your business in their vehicles. We are changing that.

By partnering with Signtag, you will now have access to a ton of potential  leads, and the ability to fill up those slow weeks when you don't have much to work on. Not only are you able to display your services and signs, you are able to bid on requests from buyers. We only work with American companies so you will not be competing with out of country prices you cannot afford.

Selling Signs

Selling signs is a good way to offer products you can easily mass produce, something like A-Boards, or corrugated yard signs with H frames. Your listings can sit as long as you want to keep them open, you also do not have an inventory which means your products won't ever be sold out. When a buyer finds your signs for sale, they can choose a quantity and add it to their cart.

Offering Signs

As a sign maker you know not all signs can be sold simply with a checkout button, you need information and will have to estimate the costs of your custom sign. This is where offering comes in, you can post a custom sign that you offer with a price range, and buyers can only inquire about them. You can then collect their specification and let them know what the total cost will be.

Offering Services

Most buyers require their signs to be installed, and if you also offer installation you can promote your services at an hourly rate. This is beneficial if someone in your area needs installation, or even a sign repair. Make sure you showcase some of your work as proof of your professionalism!

Bidding on Projects

What really makes Signtag stand out from other marketplaces is the fact we offer the ability for buyers to post their own custom request, and you as a seller can make proposals. The process works when a seller posts a request, you can look over the requirements and submit a proposal. Your proposal will include your price, shipping, duration, location, along with your message to the buyer on how much experience you have. The buyer can then accept or decline your offer, if your offer is accepted you will be notified when the payment is made and you can begin production.

Making a Sale

Making a sale is always a great feeling, but what happens with the payment and when do you receive it? As a seller you don't need to worry about accepting credit cards, we take care of the whole transaction. Once your buyer submits their payment, Stripe will hold the funds until you mark your order shipped, Stripe will then release the funds to your bank account minus the commission. The commission is based on the total sale amount, Signtag takes 6%, and Stripe takes 2.9% + 30 cents for a total of 9% on your transaction price with a fee cap of $150.

Shipping your Signs

Once you have completed creating your sign it's time to ship. We recommend sending your buyer a photo of your finished product just to be sure there are no issues and they can visually approve it. You will then mark your sign as shipped, and hand it off to your preferred shipper. Signtag does not currently have any shipping gateways so you as the seller will be responsible for finding the best methods of shipment. We also recommend requiring a signature upon receipt just to make sure you are covered if a buyer claims they did not receive your sign. Most shippers will cover damages to packages if it was their fault, but always make sure to securely fasten your signs and take pictures of your package.

Reviewing Buyers

Once you have shipped your sign to your buyer, they are now able to review your work. You are also able to give them a review but it is optional. This helps you as a seller gain credibility and make more sales!

Paying Taxes

We do not collect taxes on behalf of our sellers, this means that you are responsible for including any state taxes into the total amount of your sales. We do however keep track of your total sales made with our marketplace and send you a 1099 at the end of the calendar year.