Request: I need a large vertical blade sign

Looking to get a 10' vertical sign on the left front side of an office building in downtown Everett. Interested in a historical style sign to match the building. Possibly feature neon lighting or have industrial style lights shining onto it from the building.

Location: Hewitt Ave, Everett, WA 98201, USA
Dimensions: 10' tall sign
Building Frontage: 30' from sidewalk to roof on the front of the building
Logo: No logo needed for this project
Need Installation?: Yes
Need Removal?: No, the area is ready for a new sign
Building condition: Building is not new
Is there an electrical source?: No, I am unable to see one
Permit required?: Yes, but we don't have a permit
Design completed?: No, we will need a design
Listing created Aug 24, 2021